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Y Pant Comprehensive School

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Kay Jones

1 rating
Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "Mazin since yr 7-forever!" view more »

Dr Jones

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "she is really funny and she is a reAlly good teacher emily .sol was in A1" view more »

Andrea Owen

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "brill teacher helps you with everythin." view more »

Victor Xavier

Department: Citizenship
Recent Rating: "he is absolutly amazing." view more »

Miss Sexton

Department: Citizenship
Recent Rating: "wot a legend! best spanish teacher eva!!!!!!" view more »

Miss Maxwell

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "I had Miss Maxwell last year and I miss her. She explained everything so that everyone could..." view more »

Who Ate All The Pies

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "i did." view more »

Man U Rules

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "hes is amasin" view more »

Victoria Williams

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "because shes young dhe understands what were going through, she gives amazing advice and good at..." view more »

Miss Bryant

Recent Rating: "Ledge teacher" view more »

Laura Carver

Department: Food Technology
Recent Rating: "She ROCKS!! She is the best teacher in the school!!" view more »


Department: English
Recent Rating: "One of the best teachers ever" view more »

Jeff Lawless

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "haha funniest guy EVER! LEDGEND!" view more »

Margret Kelly

Department: Woodwork
Recent Rating: "She does not do woodwork, plonk, she is a mega awesome music teacher who helps everyone without..." view more »

Jill Glaves

Department: Citizenship
Recent Rating: "brilliant RS" view more »

Gareth Trew

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "Mr Trew ROCKED!! He was the BEST teacher in the world, until he went back to Pencoed :-( Miss You..." view more »

Mike Stephens

Department: Design And Technology
Recent Rating: "legend fp by brandon stead let him know tho :)" view more »

Susan Ford

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Great teacher - always up for a laugh and always happy to help. I'd say she's one of the most..." view more »

Joanna Gold

Department: Art And Design
Recent Rating: "She is my bestest teacher ever.......she rocks!|!!!" view more »

Karin Preene

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "she is a very nice teacher she is helpfuly in my welsh leson we all like her and she is..." view more »

Rachael Lloyd Davies

1 rating
Recent Rating: "Hi Miss You were my form tutor for 2 years (The earls high school 1980-1984) glad to see your..." view more »

Ellen Davis

Department: French
Recent Rating: "She's mazin" view more »

Main Plelez

Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "bla bla bla bla blas bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla..." view more »

Carol Arnold

1 rating
Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "miss arnold is really kind and sweet and people realy listen to her because she is respectful to..." view more »

Lucy Mortimer

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Brilliant teacher" view more »

Andrew Hurley

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Mr Hurley is LEDGE!! :D miss him as a teacher :'( xx" view more »

Owen Thomas

Recent Rating: "My faveourite teacher in the entire school. Anybody who says he isn't awesome are extremely wierd" view more »

Kerri Matthews

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "i love this woman like a mother, she is soo understanding andd well amazing ilux" view more »

Gareth Jones

Department: Woodwork
Recent Rating: "mr.jones teaches me for pse! lol and he is wicked!" view more »

Gareth Howells

Department: English
Recent Rating: "He once asked me question in class and I took 5 mins to answer it. The answer was simply 'nervous'" view more »

Andrew Gardner

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "love him!!!!!!!!!! " view more »

Phil Sweet

3 ratings
Department: History
Recent Rating: "Best History teacher of all time. Helps everyone as much as possible, and talks to his students..." view more »

Tom Breeze

1 rating
Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Such an amazing teacher - without him no-one in a class would have passed the course! I know he..." view more »

Miss Sally Owen

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "her handwriting is like it is stamped or typed" view more »

Jayne Gavaghan

Department: Business Studies
Recent Rating: "She's so kind and lovely but she doesn't realise it! She thinks she's stricter than she is but..." view more »

Jayne Griffiths

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "Great teacher i have had good results in her class hope i have her next year" view more »

Ana Burgos

Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "she is nice and generous with aural test marks." view more »

Victor Munoz

Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "he couldn't say my name right :L" view more »

Helen Jones

Department: English
Recent Rating: "LEGEND! can't believe she's left the school... i miss her :'( xx" view more »

Guy Swallow

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "so hot! have you seen him bum? omg it's like amazing" view more »

Elaine Tucker

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She is really nice and on the last day of school before the christmas holz she let us watch a..." view more »

Jane Norton

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Miss you are a really good teacher you rock." view more »

Mark Davies

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "he good but he's gotta brighten up" view more »

Sarah Rose

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Yay LOLZ" view more »

Elizabeth Mitchell

1 rating
Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "100% best teacher ever" view more »

Sarah Burnell

Recent Rating: "She's not a bad teacher tbh." view more »

Valle Fernandez

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "She is hysterical and an amazing teacher! Can't wait fo A-Level Spanish because of her!" view more »

Mark Pearsall

Recent Rating: "wat a legend!!! i av him for i.t and hes funneh, ex military :D" view more »

Craig Browne

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "He's a really good teacher, especially when you consider that he's taught us for the year on..." view more »

Elinor Johns

Department: Design And Technology
Recent Rating: "she's a lovely teacher!" view more »