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St Cyres Comprehensive School

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Lisa Shearer

Department: Business Studies
Recent Rating: "Has a very laissez-faire attitude but will intervene where necessary. Very patient and willing to..." view more »

Kim Morgan

Department: German
Recent Rating: "she is a great teacher and can be strict when she needs to be" view more »

Richard Hopkin

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "A really great teacher who's always helpful, even with out of lesson projects and activities. He..." view more »

Miss Khan

Recent Rating: "rubbishh teacher lol only jokin :)" view more »

S Mudd

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Vewry helpful and suportive" view more »

Miss Royal

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "Well, I definately would. Probly from behind." view more »

Christine Dunford

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Great teacher! She really helped me a lot and helped to give me..." view more »

Don Clarey

Department: Business Studies
Recent Rating: "very nice good teacher dosent relly sourt out your problems but over all the safeist teacher in..." view more »

Eddy Hall

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Great, inspiring teacher." view more »

Madame Klapper

Department: French
Recent Rating: "lovely woman, very helpful" view more »

Ester Bell

1 rating
Recent Rating: "Mrs Bell is a excellent teacher who ive really loved working for this year . I would like to..." view more »

Miss Jones

Department: History
Recent Rating: "i dont like her she is very patronising and treats our form like we are two years old although we..." view more »

Miss Laidlaw

Department: History
Recent Rating: "She is a great teacher" view more »

Damien Parker

Department: Design And Technology
Recent Rating: "One word describes this man .... LEGEND!!! He's so awesome!" view more »

Chloe Abel

1 rating
Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Excellent teacher!!" view more »

Sue Eades

Department: Food Technology
Recent Rating: "Very good. I always enjoyed her lessons. Was about 20 years ago mind you!" view more »


Department: Science
Recent Rating: "he was amazing best teacher ever at the time we didnt take to him but hes a great guy and knows..." view more »

Mr Parker

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "can be really nice" view more »

Ms Barter

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Quite strict but excellent teacher " view more »

Huw Reynolds

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "Very unique and funny man :) and absolute LEGEND!" view more »

Derek Brown

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "hes a cool guy!" view more »

Damien Farrow

Department: History
Recent Rating: "Quite a thick teacher, can tell he studied at an institute and a bit confused as to what he is" view more »


Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Funny Inteligent Terrific" view more »

Charlotte Phillips

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "Good teacher" view more »

Miss Tomley

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "She is an amazing teacher..........................................." view more »

Kirsty Davies

Recent Rating: "what a lovely lady, soo glad she taught me!!" view more »


Department: Media Studies
Recent Rating: "Miss langrish is filling on for miss richardson while she has her baby! i think she is realy nice..." view more »

Mrs Goddard

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "really nice, great form tutor!" view more »

Miss Mooy

Department: History
Recent Rating: "shes safe" view more »

Mr. Lock

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "really nice, helpful, easy to understand and very funny!" view more »

Mrs Burgum

Recent Rating: "shes nice but not nice some times u no!" view more »

Y Mc Krakan

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She can be hard to understand due to her broad accent. She tries her best though and endeavours..." view more »

Mrs Vinestock

Department: English
Recent Rating: "She really helped me with my English GCSE. She spent loads of time helping me with revision." view more »

Mair Pennington

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Really good teacher and really funny its a shame she left we all miss her :(" view more »

Mr Brennan

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "He told amazing ghost stories over the bunson burners!" view more »

Mrs Harmes

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "she can be mean when she wants to be but when she is with a good class she can be quite a nice..." view more »


Department: Science
Recent Rating: "i luv mr ellis! he is my favourite teacher ever! he is so kind and always compliments me!" view more »

Mrs Anderson

Recent Rating: "mrs anderson overall is a lovely teacher, and is very good at teaching, she was one of my..." view more »

Joanna Sullivan

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Great teacher! Strict but fair." view more »

Miss Rees

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Hard but fair!!" view more »

Mr Lewis

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Cool dude! Taught us how to distill vodka! I thought he was a doctor though." view more »

Michelle Thompson

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "i dont like her, she isnt helpful. nice hair tho" view more »

Phil Davis

Department: German
Recent Rating: "Got to uni thanks to him and now realise just how helpful teachers are" view more »

Martin May

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "You left us. Traitor! Does our Science education mean nothing to you? :'(" view more »

Gill Phillips

Department: German
Recent Rating: "Fantastic teacher, with a strict sense of discipline and a great sense of humour. You've got to..." view more »

Kirstie Proctor

Department: German
Recent Rating: "she's my form teacher n she is nice to us n she also my german teacher n she gd teacher" view more »

Rhodri George

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "he was okay, my brother had him and has never seen him smile, not to mention he was my form tutor..." view more »

Tony Farmer

Department: Art And Design
Recent Rating: "i thought this guy was a legend - i found him well helpful and he's up for a bit of a laugh if..." view more »

Mrs Green

Department: Welsh
Recent Rating: "loved mrs green when i was in school. She was an excellent teacher" view more »

Mr Brickell

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "PORIMITOOOOR AND AREORRRRRR!! firstly this man needs to speak properbly! secondly he needs to get..." view more »