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Canon Slade Cofe School

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Mr Gray

Department: Biology
Recent Rating: "really makes me uncomfortable a lot of the time...." view more »

Mr Pyne

Department: English
Recent Rating: "hasn't he been saked this year? we had him for careers and he was cool but rubbish with..." view more »

Miss Cloherty

Department: Dance
Recent Rating: "shes the best teacher ive ever had! she workd so hard and is really helpful! thankyou miss you..." view more »

Helen Judd

Department: History
Recent Rating: "the videos are well good u now what i mean lol" view more »

Miss Clark

Department: Economics
Recent Rating: "not the biggest fan of this useless teacher" view more »

Mrs Beaker

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "She's an alright teacher but she needs to make the lessons more fun cause usually she just talks..." view more »

Mrs Binge

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Found she was more bothered about being friends with you than actually teaching you anything -..." view more »

Miss Lowe

Recent Rating: "don't like her" view more »

Mr Carter

Recent Rating: "he can be nice but very naggy, picky and shouty!!!!" view more »

Mrs Ball

Department: Multiple Subjects
Recent Rating: "she was not a very nice teacher" view more »

Mr Keate

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "Next person to front the Bolton News, after he slipped our Head Girl one at the prom - you read..." view more »

Mrs Angela Foster

Department: Business Studies
Recent Rating: "shes angin" view more »

Mr Dodd

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "Not the best teacher in the world, but a really nice guy once you get to know him" view more »

Rob Wilding

Department: Music
Recent Rating: "Wild thang! Great musician when he was there. . . . . how did he get away with so many..." view more »

Miss Arkright

Recent Rating: "I had her as a form teacher, she was very indifferent" view more »

Mr Hamilton

Recent Rating: "Love the accent! :D" view more »

Ann Furlong

1 rating
Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Everyone thinks mrs.furlong is great and doesn't show off and boast her amazing skills we do fun..." view more »

Miss Philips

Department: English
Recent Rating: "picks her victims then uses them to show her own authority in the class, meaning she humiliates..." view more »

Mr Vell

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "very unhelpful and not very understanding in school disputes :(" view more »

Mrs Raw

Department: Classics
Recent Rating: "mega lolz @ this teacher, think the word pintsized & inadequate sums it up." view more »

Miss Merideth

Department: English
Recent Rating: "those hands ARE ORRIBLE Lad" view more »

Diane Skelly

Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "Who said that last one!!!!!!!" view more »

Mr/Dr/Revd Shepherd

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Impressively intimidating, and a very very strong headmaster." view more »

Elizabeth Jackson

Recent Rating: "She is really nice in person but in r.s. she doesn't tell you what your doing properly and is..." view more »

Mrs.J.R. Pascoe

Recent Rating: "what a stinky teacher " view more »

Philip Coxon

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "Rubbish teacher dont understand him and he has bjg hands" view more »

Miss Tagg

Department: Physics
Recent Rating: "worst teacher ive got im going to fail physics thanks to her!" view more »

Miss Pascoe

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "we didntr like her ar all, you could tell the students she didnt like as they were treated..." view more »

Mrs Wallace

Department: French
Recent Rating: "teabag eyes lol" view more »

Mr Zekavica

Department: Chemistry
Recent Rating: "booooooooooooooooring. want a sleeping pill? dont bother, just listen to sir!" view more »

Mrs Wharmby

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "As much help in maths as a 1mm ruler." view more »

Mrs Emmet

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Eugh! She gives you a DT the second you do ONE thing wrong, it's awful!:( She's always on her..." view more »

Mrs Swierchnski

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "she is terrible she just reads from a textbook all lesson. not good teaching really. sshe has no..." view more »

Mrs Cattel

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "alass she is no more" view more »

Dr Derden

Department: Chemistry

Peter Cantley

Recent Rating: "perthetic worked up old man, takes everything too serious. has messed up a very good school which..." view more »

Amy Liptrott

1 rating
Department: English
Recent Rating: "HATE THAT WOMEN, GLAD SHE LEFT." view more »

Mr Gillfillian

Recent Rating: "i do not like this teacher. made one of my friends cry for printing off too early :(" view more »

Dr. Eves

Department: Science

Miss Ward

Department: Technology

Mrs Thompson

Department: Technology

James Ellams

Department: Music

Dsfsdsd Ewfew

Department: Education