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Aldercar Community Language College

Based on 106 Professors and 266 Ratings
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Showing 106 Professors from Aldercar Community Language College

Miss Benham

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "Miss Benham is brill, i absolutley love her!" view more »

Heather Mc'olone

Department: Learning Support
Recent Rating: "she is the best" view more »

Kathy Hardy

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She is a great teacher and fun to have a laugh with :)" view more »

Michael Cope

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "sound teacher, very helpful. Best teacher by far :)" view more »


Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "hardy is mint:)" view more »

Miss Davies

Department: French
Recent Rating: "i really like miss davies she is really kind !!" view more »

Adam Goddard

Department: Art And Design
Recent Rating: "wooo whatta ledge!! for his age, he nt bad lookin" view more »

Marianne Forgan

Department: Languages
Recent Rating: "had her for my last 2 years of French...never took a intrest in French but she did make French..." view more »


Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Was my Form Tutor....He was spot on" view more »

Claire Hutchby

Department: English
Recent Rating: "Great teacher a bit weird at times and completely obsessed with Lord of the Flies and William..." view more »

Chris Mc Graw

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Top maths teacher. Knows when someone is struggling and doesn't hesitate to ask. He gives 101%..." view more »

Sarah Cleese

Department: English
Recent Rating: "i fink she is a cool teacher, firm but fair and a little bit wacky at times once you get to know..." view more »

Catheriene Johnsom

Department: Citizenship
Recent Rating: "i think mrs johnson is great she is the best teacher in the world" view more »

Mr Bell

Department: Engineering
Recent Rating: "Great teacher, shame he's leaving next year to be honest :)" view more »

Nathan Lewis

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "hes mr incredible watch out for his curl bars" view more »

Dianne Gillborn

Recent Rating: "the best eva teacher there is soo kind" view more »

Mr Neadem

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "great tec teacher" view more »

Rebecca Wiles

Department: English
Recent Rating: "SHES WIKID ...!!! LOVE YOU MISs" view more »

Hayden Waite

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "A verry good teacher who makes the student understand un like some others" view more »

Ian Lowden

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "he is an ace teacher who relates everything to the simpsons and makes science fun, but after..." view more »

Gordon Nisbet

Department: History
Recent Rating: "He is very eccentric to the extent that it is debated whether or not he is from Mars. He is a..." view more »

Mukesh Paw

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "Mr.Paw is awesome" view more »

Leigh Parry

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "The most weird and entertaining teacher in the whole school. He spent the first lesson jumping..." view more »

Pete Woodward

Department: Technology
Recent Rating: "pete is amazing he is soo helpfull and he is allways a laugh." view more »

Miss Richards

Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "she is the best teacher i ever had, maybe the others should take a leaf out her 'maths' book" view more »

Miss Atkinson

Department: French
Recent Rating: "great teacher and great form tutor. Kind helpful and a great teacher. Needs to get bakk from..." view more »

David Winsor

Department: English
Recent Rating: "he's such a great story teller, i love listenin to him" view more »

Tim Stretton

1 rating
Recent Rating: "stretts is awsome :D amazing teacher along with miss jenks" view more »

Miss Colledge

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "she makes learning enjoyable" view more »

Scott Galloway

Department: Art And Design
Recent Rating: "Honestly best teacher there is, really helpful, really nice, really easy to get on with and just..." view more »

Kelly Jenkins

Recent Rating: "shes awsome much respect to her :D" view more »

Mrs Jepson

2 ratings
Department: Spanish
Recent Rating: "Mrs Jepson is awesome. i wish i could still do spanish. she is by far the best with learning..." view more »

Steve Heading

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "u r a great science teacher. lookin forward 2 havin u period one wednesday." view more »

Gila Mlejnecky

Department: German
Recent Rating: "She is a really nice teacher who makes you laugh and gets involved with the students. She is..." view more »

Ian Lyford

1 rating
Department: Mathematics
Recent Rating: "fantastic teacher best ever at aldercar" view more »

Tom Cowdrey

1 rating
Department: English
Recent Rating: "the best form tutor eva" view more »


Department: History
Recent Rating: "miss wooley is a great teacher who can make history verry interesting!!!" view more »

Sara Murry

1 rating
Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "She is very kind and helpful and she always sorts problems out when we are upset" view more »

Miss Bell

Recent Rating: "She helps everyone specially in the shows, " view more »

Steve Knott

Department: Science
Recent Rating: "wooo yes mr knott!!!! amence science teacher.. hes prettyy awesom 2 b onest :D" view more »

Joanne Kyte

1 rating
Department: Physical Education
Recent Rating: "yes jo! ded funny if u gt 2 no her! XD cool teacher" view more »


Department: Woodwork
Recent Rating: "wicked teacher, i was there from 1981 to 1986, very helpfull a right good laugh, made many things..." view more »

Martin Hodge

Department: Music/English
Recent Rating: "even though he supprts Chelsea.. a very funny bloke and a great teacher.. taught me in year 7..." view more »

Miss Higgins

Department: Geography
Recent Rating: "Love all of your lessons" view more »

Beatrice Wiles

Department: English

Miss Guest

Department: History
Recent Rating: "too much homework too strick with homework" view more »

Helen Gilhooly

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "i like mis gilhooley!" view more »

Mrs Cottle

Department: Performing Arts
Recent Rating: "she is a really gud drama teacher and she feels like a family memeber 2 me." view more »

Susan Cooper

Recent Rating: "she is all right sometimes but she can be really stressy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" view more »

Mr Meade

Department: Not Specified
Recent Rating: "Form Tutor , Physical Education, Reasonable Teacher, Works With Mrs Poundrall And Mr Pearson..." view more »